Idols and Hollywood

Yonezawa Rumi and Hirajima Natsumi to graduate from AKB48 following today's scandal. →


Jesus fucking christ everything about this is so horrible.  My heart is aching for their fans and those girls and everyone involved (including Togasaki, awake at 4am to make the announcement.)

Yonechan, Nacchan, you fucked up so bad but I’ll always support you.  I’m so sorry shit had to go down like this.  I wish you only luck in wherever you go from here.

This is a joke right?

Hm….. ;A;

From the moment I entered this fandom I have never understood the industries need to control some young girls love life. For me the ‘no dating’ rule has been the major bad point in a, lets face it, ethically murky industry.

Having a privet life is a human right and a big part of a persons privet life it the right to fall in love. I don’t think any job should have the right to fire you if you decide to date who ever you damn please!

Also don’t say if you wanna have a boyfriend then don’t become an Idol because you know that’s not the point. It’s like saying if you wanna work in the lingerie department don’t be gay, when did your every day life have ANYTHING do do with your job.

That’s what being an Idol is in the end. A job.

Now I’m not saying don’t be discrete your escapades. I am wholly on Yonechan and Naachans side in this situation but who these girls thought they could get away with privet twitter accounts in the Internet age astounds me but… I am fully behind their right to have that part of their lives.

Having a love life is important and the fact is we ALL know that everyone of our girls has or has had a boyfriend at one point. Why not give up the pretence, like Johnny’s did?

I think the industry will be better for it.

Naachan, Yonechan… I will always support you. Fuck the haters.

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    I absolutely hate the no-dating rule. I mean, I’ve been dealing with idol scandals since I was like 12, so you’d think...
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    I don’t care too much about Natsumi but sigh, I liked Yonechan :(
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    liz help. i can’t properly express my feelings i don’t know what’s going on it just hurts and i need someone.
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    This is a joke right? Hm….. ;A; From the moment I entered this fandom I have never understood the industries need to...
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